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Our Campaign’s Top Issues

We are here to serve you, the voter. Our top issues are what we see and hear most from the people who live here.

Fighting inflation and taxes

Inflation is an additional tax that you're being forced to pay. Standard items for living are up over 20% in the last two years. I will tackle inflation head-on and fight for tax relief that energizes our economy and puts money back in your pocket.

Jobs and economy

I have experience as a current small business owner and I led the U.S. Department of Transportation's small business office for over 7 years. My hands on experience and knowledge of government benefits and programs provides a unique advantage over other candidates to deliver value to the people and businesses of the 6th district.


Affordable, accessible healthcare is a right, not a privilege. I will work tirelessly to lower healthcare costs, expand coverage options, and improve the quality of care for all residents of the 6th district. Together, we can ensure that no one has to choose between their health and their financial security. When we remove corruption from DC, we can get sensible policies in place for healthcare.

Supporting first responders

My community is not the same as when I grew up. The rise of opioid use, the non-enforcement of store theft, and the lack of government strategy around homelessness and mental health issues place a serious strain on the safety and economics of small communities. We need to support first responders with the resources they need.


We must strengthen our borders to prevent illegal immigration for the safety and financial security of all Americans. Immigration must be done legally and through frameworks already established by our representatives.

Term limits

Tired of our politicians being sold to the highest bidder or working for their party, instead of you? To bring new ideas and energy to Congress, I staunchly support a six-year term limit for all representatives. This commitment to term limits is about fostering accountability and preventing the entrenchment of power.

Less government is good government

Smaller government better serves the needs of the community and reduces taxes.

Artificial Intelligence

As artificial intelligence reshapes industries, strategic political planning is essential to prepare tomorrow’s workforce for the emerging realities of the job market. It is crucial for policymakers to foster education and training programs that equip workers with the AI skills needed to thrive, ensuring that technological advancement leads to opportunities rather than displacement.

Pro Choice

Individuals should have the right to bodily autonomy. This pro choice extends not only to women for abortion rights but to all people when facing a choice regarding control of their bodies, specifically the COVID-19 vaccine. Any mandatory vaccine requirement for COVID-19 was a misstep and abuse of power by the Government.